My Netflix Picks – Lockdown edition

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

 5 Netflix Picks – Lockdown edition

Like many of us, I’ve been making use of my Netflix account so I thought I’d share my five favourite shows from recent times.

I will admit I am often behind the curve but if you haven’t seen these shows get I urge you to watch them.

My prime account is underused so if you have any prime TV show recommendations let me know.

 Umbrella Academy

I tried watching this ages ago and didn’t make it past the first episode, I didn’t get it. But when series two dropped I decided to try again and I was hooked. It’s quirky, funny, sweet, and violent. I do like a bit of violence to my TV viewing. It’s based on Graphic novels my Gerard Way but from what I’ve read they are different but similar to each other. I’ve watched both series twice and I can not wait for series 3. Sadly it looks like we’ve got a long wait.

The Fall

It also looks like I’m very late to this as well but we only recently found it on Netflix. There are 3 series with 6 episodes each series and we watched all of them in 4 days!

It’s not for the faint hearts, it’s quite graphic and violent. It’s one of the best police suspense dramas. The whole set of series is full of music that sets you on edge and has you checking around corners in your own home.

Gillian Anderson is also excellent. I mean isn’t she always but for me, she was perfectly cast.


I have given high accolades to the above shows but this one is also up there with one of my favourites types of shows. I love police dramas and my next show will prove that.

This is set across London and Japan and is dual language and at first I found it a bit distracting and some times I had to rewind as I forgot I had to read the subtitles. I also found that I couldn’t binge this series as it took a lot of energy to concentrate but that might just be me, I do know people who have binged it.

A Japanese police officer is sent to London on an undercover operation to bring back his Yakuza (mafia) brother.

There is a lot of drama, violence but it is also made me quite emotionally invested in the people and plot.

My stand out plotline was Rodney, a half Japanese, half English rent boy who  by chance (script) ends up being amongst the main cast. He made me laugh, cry, be his friend, cuddle him.

Line of Duty

What can I say I love a crime drama. This had me hooked from the first episode. This follows the Anti-corruption unit get to the bottom of corruption within the police force.

Vicky Mclure is my stand out in this series, It twisting and turning drama, we are very excited for the next series which hopefully they have now started filming

Virgin River

I thought we’d had enough police dramas for one blog post, Virgin River is about a Mid-wife / nurse practitioner getting a job in the small town of Virgin River after leaving what seems to be a traumatic job in the big city.

It reminds me of an updated, modern Dr. Quinn medicine woman without the 1860s fashions and chloroform.

It’s a sweet drama and while it might be a bit formulaic it’s a nice watch and it really makes me want to watch Hart of Dixie again, which isn’t on any streaming services (yet! Come on Amazon or Netflix pick this amazing show up!) the cross association is helped by the Doctor in both shows is played by the same guy and spoiler alert he is equally as grumpy in both.

Have you watched any of these? Let me know if you liked them or what else you have been watching? I would love to know.

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