Rescuing my Nails

Thursday, September 03, 2020

 Rescuing my Nails

My nails have always been on the weak side and I’m sure I’ve documented my trials and tribulations of growing them before on the blog.

At the time of writing, I saw this product CND Rescue Rxx Daily Keratin Treatment a couple of days ago on someone’s Instagram stories and it struck a chord and I wanted to try it. 

I did a tiny bit of googling and ordered it from Amazon as it was the cheapest place, but this isn’t really a cheap product. I paid £14.75 and the product size is 15ml.

The product is a nail treatment rather than a nail polish or nail strengthener. You apply it twice daily and the bottle says for 7 days, but I’ve read to use it for 14 days and the claims on the box say results are from people who used the product for 4 weeks. I guess it’s open to interpretation.

My plans are to use it twice a day for 14 days before I use any other product on my nails other than hand cream and I may use a cuticle remover as they are looking a little ragged.

I also want to try and take daily pictures which I’ll put on my Instagram stories @seeingspots_ I have created a highlight called nails.

Day Zero.

The nails on my right hand are not looking too bad but they feel very weak and in danger of snapping any second.


Day One.

At this point, I have done 3 applications and the nails that felt very weak feel a lot stronger. I did think I’d have to trim the nails as I didn’t feel brave enough to file them but I have now filed them and they didn’t break as I was expecting.

I posted a photo of the product on Facebook and someone else has commented that they love this product which makes me feel better. This person also has lovely nails!


Day Two

I managed to take a chunk out of the nail on my little finger on my right hand trying on a skirt. The nail itself feels out and didn’t keep splitting as I expected it to. This is a massive positive for me.


Day three

So far I’m blown away, my nails feel a lot stronger. I can see noticeable growth on my right hand and they feel good. My left-hand doesn’t seem to have grown any but I think that’s more me than the product.

Day 4

Today I’m itching to paint my nails, I’m going to try and hold off but the urge is strong. One thing I’ve noticed today is the skin on my fingers feels very dry after using the product. I haven’t really noticed this before, I’m making sure I’m using hand cream as soon as the product soaks in.

Day Five

I gave in a painted my nails, I felt like I needed to. I don’t know why. My nails feel a lot stronger and I am planning on carrying on using the product but over the polish and removed the polish at the weekend. I know I should have kept up the product but had the urge to paint them so badly.

Day 6

I’m sticking with the nail polish today but my plan is to remove it in the morning and go back to use the product until we get to day 14. Even with polish, my nails feel good and touch wood hasn’t broken yet.

Day 7

I changed my nail polish to essence Heatwave, I did a coat of Rescue and then a base coat and two coats of polish. I didn’t use a topcoat as honestly, I didn’t bring it downstairs with me.

Days 8-11

The essence polish is still going strong with very few chips and my nails haven’t broken at all which is almost unheard of.

I’m not sure I’m giving the rescue a full chance right now but I was so surprised my polish lasted more than one day I decided to run with it.

I did use the Rescue today over the polish as I’ve read you can use it that way, it’s obviously not as effective but it felt like it couldn’t hurt.

Day 13

We’re finally getting to the end and I’m really happy with how my nails are looking at the feeling. Looking at the pictures you won’t see much growth as I’ve given them a decent filing but the feel so much stronger than they did. In the past, I’ve been scared to file them for fear of them splitting.

I do highly rate this product and while I’ve always been taught never to say something is amazing or the best thing ever, I am impressed.

It did come with some good feedback from people I know and interact with on social media so I did have high hopes and I think it might have exceeded them.

I didn’t use the product daily as planned but I’m still, please with how my nails feel and look.

Going forward I’m going to try and use it a couple of times a week or if I go back to having gel nails. I will use it in between colours.

If it was to give it a star rating it would probably be 4/5. I think the only downside for me is the price. At almost £15 it feels a little bit too much for me to pay regularly, however at this point, I don’t know how long the bottle will last. I do think I’d be more willing to do a repeat purchase if it was £12 or under. Although that isn’t a vast difference it just seems like a better price to me.

As always I’d love to hear from you, have you used this product? Do you think you’d use this product? Or what do you use?

I’ve been on a quest to grown my nails since I was a teenager so I’m always looking for ideas.

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