The Last Girls Night

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

way back in a cold and snowy February we had what would be the last girls night for a while. (who knows when the next one will be, but we will make it a good one) 

It was actually pretty miraculous that we got this night booked in, it's almost impossible to get all 6 of us together at any one time, and often we'll go out with 4 of us and try to keep to going out every couple of months. 

I think we'd been out in January and decided to try and book the next date in, originally we'd thought about the end of March but as a leap of faith knowing that dates always need to be changed I suggested 29th Feb and everyone was free.  Only 5 of us made it in the end and i'm sad one person missed out as we obviously haven't been able to go out since and I'm not ready to be going out in groups (not that we're allowed to) 

We went to Sorella in Uppermill, it's somewhere we've wanted to go since it opened but had never been able to get a table. It is very small and cosy inside and I think there is room for about 20 people. 

I have to admit as much as I love going out, I hate being the organiser. Especially if we're going to somewhere new. I always feel like I'll book the wrong thing or things will go wrong. In this case, they phoned me on the day before, saying they needed us to move the time of the booking. We'd booked the table a month in advance so it was a bit annoying trying to contact everyone and make sure they could make a new time. It wasn't a big deal but because I was the one who'd booked it, it put a bit of a dampener on the experience. 

Luckily, the table was ready when we arrived and everything went smoothly and the food was delicious. 

It's almost a tradition to have an Aperol spritz when I'm out with these girls. This is something I enjoy but I can't have more than one. 

The menu was fairly traditional Italian, and they had a couple of specials on the board which sounded interesting. I kept to a fairly classic choice for my meal. 

Calimari, I love this but often feel like I shouldn't order it as it's smelly luckily these friends are accepting of this choice and while 3 out of 5 of us probably wouldn't pick it 2 of us almost always choose it. 

We couldn't resist getting some garlic bread to share and this was delicious. I could have happily just had this and been settled for the night. 

For my main course, I went for the Pollo Grigliato - grilled chicken, cavolo nero, shallots, pancetta, chilli oil and parmesan mash. Normally I'd go for a pasta or pizza but this sounded interesting and it was good.  The parmesan mash was amazing. 

I wasn't going to have a dessert and then I spotted warm cookie dough. I'm a sucker for this and I was a little disappointed. One of the girls had Tirimasu which looked amazing and I wish I'd gone for that but we live and learn 

It was such a fun evening catching up with friends and just being out. The highlight of the evening was another customer came in who looked exactly like one of the friends I was out with. But this my friend hadn't seen her come in and was sitting with her back to this other girl and couldn't work out what we were trying to say. We did have a picture taken and this girl could just about be seen in the background and there was lots of chat in the WhatsApp after trying to explain the looky-likey. I've deleted all my WhatsApp media and i wouldn't post it here but I kinda want to see those photos again. 

I think they next time we all go out we need to pick somewhere that is a bigger venue as this was very cosy and intimate and I'd be interested to know who they have adapted and are coping during the current rules, but for my own peace of mind, I do need more space. 

One say we'll be allowed to socialise with people outside out household or bubble and see people  IRL! 


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