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Monday, October 04, 2021

Working From the Office.

My time working from home is ending, well not ending exactly. It’s changing to hybrid working. This means for now I have to do two days in the office and three days at home.

We don’t know how long this will be or if and when they will phase us back to full-time office-based working.

I don’t feel ready, but I’ve had a two-week reprieve and I start back today. I will do another post on how it goes but I wanted to do a sort of what’s in my back post.

This will be my first day back since 17th March 2020 when I got sent home at lunchtime. I did bring a lot of things with me, so I need to take those back and forth with me, but I might not take them all on the first day. Things like my mouse. We’ve moved desks so I’m kinda assuming I will have been given a new mouse or someone can find me one and I’ll take mine with me after that if need be.

The bag

I'm using the Hedgren bag that I used precovid. It's a good size. Has a padded section for the laptop. Plenty of pockets and it's big enough without being too big.


First Day Back Items

I honestly can’t remember what I still have at work, my locker was pretty full, but I know I brought a large amount of stuff home with me, but I feel like anything I had at work will have expired and to be honest, it’s nice to have new stuff and be prepared.

·      Wipes – I always have wipes in my locker. I’m messy and I know mine will have dried out and it won’t hurt to give everything a little wipe over.

 Masks - I'm taking a box of masks with me just so I always have them. They said there will be ones left on reception to use but I'd rather just take some. Espousing public transport and they aren't meant to be optional. 

Hand sanitiser - I feel like we've always had hand sanitiser at work and I know I brought by big bottle home so I'm taking a small bottle with me.

·       Pens – I’m sure I will have loads of pens at work, but will they have dried out.

·       NoteBook - again I’m pretty sure my locker contains empty notebooks but it’s been that long I just can’t remember. I also own loads of notebooks and might have bought two new ones, especially for the office.

·       Painkillers / Buscapan / Rennies – I know that I brought my “medical” tin home with me. So time to restock and leave at work.

·       Deodorant and body spray – I feel paranoid a lot of the time, even at home when it doesn’t matter if I smell.

·       Dry Shampoo – a work essential, I always have some in my locker.

Daily Essentials

  •      Hairbrush / bobbles (these will probably live in my bag rather than my locker)
  • phone Cable
  • Power Bank
  • Access pass and lanyard
  •        Work Laptop

The Unknown

·       Laptop charger

·       Mouse

Final Thoughts

I’m so glad we’re not back full time and I’m sure the reality of going back will be a lot better than the scenarios I’m creating in my head.

My main concern is people, people on public transport, people in the office, people in public.

I go out at weekends and it’s mostly fine, but if a shop is too busy, I can just leave. It's not that easy on a bus or tram. Even in the office can I just get up and leave if it’s all too people-y.

I’ve elected to go in on Mondays and Tuesdays. Monday is meant to be very quiet as hardly anyone has picked Monday. Tuesdays a bit more and the peak day is Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday mirror Tuesday and Monday respectively.

I've also realised that I can't carry everything in, in one trip. from the pictures, you can see there are a lot of things. two deodorants and notebooks for example. I always carry on in my bag and I want to leave one in my lockers. I also probably have notebooks at work or can get one from the stationery cupboard. 

So on Monday I will take in most of it but leave out some of the heavier things (the laptop is the heaviest thing but I can't leave that one behind! 

S x

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  1. Good luck with the return to work. It sounds like you are well prepared. x

    1. Thank you. It was very strange being back in. There was only 1 other person from my team in and about 5 more people in my department at the opposite side of the office. I'll do an update post once I've processed how I feel about it all x


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