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Saturday, October 02, 2021

 Happy Halloween with The Perfect stud.

greyed out photo of a jute bag with happy halloween steph hand stamped in pink ink, over layed with a white boarder and the word the perfect stud in the photo

I first need to say these items were gifted to me by Patty at The Perfect Stud, but I have bought from them multiple times in the past and they do some of my favourite styles of earrings, the huggy hoops.

The last time I ordered from them, Patty contacted me asking if I liked Halloween and would I like to be sent a pair of the new Halloween collection. Yes, and yes please and thank you.

I didn’t know which pair I was going to get, and I was surprised to see she’s sent me two pairs.


In the wild, I probably wouldn’t have ordered the spider pair, but I really like them. I know they won’t be for everyone but I’m enjoying how realistic they look.

Having the hoop makes them secure and I don’t feel the need to keep checking they are in or that the back has come off.

Meaning I can wear them for longer as I’m sure I irritate my ears by constant checking when I wear studs and even dangly earrings.

Witch (Please)

These are my favourite of the two, they make me smile when I look at them, they are fun and every time I see them, I think “Witch Please” I’m not sure why, but I always have a chuckle to myself.

The heart shape is cute and fun. I’ve worn them a couple of times and they are just as comfortable as all my other pairs of the perfect Stud earrings.

When I drafted this post, I’d put that I wasn’t going out for Halloween and technically I’m not, but I am going out on 30th October for a meal with my friends and I am planning on wearing an outfit that will work well with this pair.

I have had these for around a month now and they’ve been worn a couple of times each, but I think that I might try and wear them through October along with a couple of other pairs of Halloween earrings that I’ve had from past years.

 Have you got any Halloween Jewllery? I'd love to know what you wear and what you think about these earrings. 

I was not paid or asked to post about these earrings. 

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