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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Potential Books

Since the start of the year, I’ve been picking out a few potential books to read each month. The idea behind began to get my TPR pile down and even read a few of the books I’ve had hanging around for years.

While I do get sentimental about some books, I’m also equally good at passing books on once I’ve read them.

There are a few books that I won’t ever part with (The Princess Bride is one of them)

I also know I’ve had some books for a long time that I want to read, and I might potentially read but never get round to.

My TBR is growing at an alarming rate, I’d like to blame bookstagram for this, but the truth is myself and my mum keep buying books. Some are influenced but most books we bring home are charity shop finds that look interesting.

My potentials have morphed from books I’ve owned for a long time to books I fancy reading.

This might make it sound like I put pressure on myself to read these books, but I really don’t. As soon as something is expected of me, I put a barrier up and do the opposite. I’m also a mood reader and must really want to read a book before I get engaged with it.

The idea behind my potentials list is to look at these books first before choosing my next read. If I don’t fancy any of them, I find something else.

My reading speed also varies massively month on month. Last month I read two books. Other moths I’ll read over 10 books.

For the most part it’s been working well for me, and I’d say the majority of months I’ve read the books I’ve picked out.

I don’t do roll overs unless I feel like it, it’s my life, my books, my choice. I said this in another post earlier in the month but reading should be enjoyable as soon as it feels like a chore then put the book down. Do something else. Find another book. Don’t punish yourself for not liking a book.

Often, I’ll Park books rather than DNF’ing them. There are some books that you have to give up on (For me Sprinkles in the Sparkle Jar by Chris Packham - I tried it three times and it wasn’t for me) When I park a book, I might not come back to it for a year (or more) but sometimes you have to be in the mood for a certain genre or if I’ve read a few similar books back to back I need a break.

My good to books seem to be violent crime thrillers or cosy tea shop mysteries with very little in between so it’s good to have a break.

I still need to make my list for October but check back in a few days and my list will be up.

I tend to pick 4 or 5 books each month. If I read more than that it’s a bonus, if I read less well no big deal. There is always next month. I also don’t include books I’m part way through at the end of each month. 

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