Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

I will only attend events or accept reviews for products I would be happy to spend my own money on and will always give my honest opinion. I am always honest in my posts and If I’m not happy with something or don’t like it I will tell you. I currently do not offer sponsored posts or pre-written content. However, I reserve the right to change this as and when necessary.

Most of the items I featured on my blog I bought myself with my own money. I am a shopaholic and can’t resist a bargain!

If I do get the opportunity to attend an event, do a review or be sent an item by a PR company I will let you know at the beginning and end of the post as the ASA guidelines.

I am happy to consider product reviews as long as they are appropriate to me and my blog and will give my honest opinion in return. You can get in touch at seeingspotsblog@gmail.com

Occasionally I may feature press releases, when this happens I will clearly state this within the post and will only feature products I believe in via a press release.

In the light of the new GDPR rules from May 2018, I wanted to add a note to confirm I do not actively collect email address on this site. Any emails left as part of the comments system are left at your own choice, as far as I can see I cannot access emails based on comments but I can access Google Plus accounts which may display your email address.

I have removed the option to subscribe via email as I only had 6 subscribers and after a lot of digging I did find that I can access these email addresses. I have unsubscribed these and can no longer view the email address and I have not saved copies of these.

I do not currently offer an email newsletter or have any reason to collect or store emails.

Any emails left in comments (free text box) are left by visitors to this site are left at the users own risk, this data will not be collected by myself and I will try and remove any comments that leave emails. (I can't see why anyone would but just in case)